Unblessed is a Death Black Metal band from Santiago of Chile founded by his leader, guitarist and vocalist Paul Callahan, since More than 23 year, we have been with the flame burning on extreme musical scene through nine hemos estado vigentes en la edited productions, as the first Demo EP “Monolith from beyond” 2002, five full lenghts; “Burning your faith” de 2008; “Man has killed god” de 2010; “Unblessed” de 2014; “Killing your last drop of innocence” and “Murdering hope” 2020. We made the celebration compilation of two decades of existence through “20 years of rawness & dementia”CD, re edition 2020 of our classic “Man has killed god” CD and one recollection of old stuff called “Demos & Rehearsal 2000 – 2002” CD at year 2020.

Our alive activities always were present an solid at Chile we have played at cites as Arica, Iquique, La Serena, Valparaiso, Melipilla, El Monte, Rancagua, Talca, Temuco, Chiloé, Osorno & Puerto Montt.
Two tours on Europe at 2014 and 2018 for Hungary, Sczhec Republic, Slovakia, Suitzerland, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Malta, Italy and Germany.
 Tours on Braxil at 2010 in cites as Rio de janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte an the Criminal Metal Camp Festival 2015, at Córdoba. Argentina.
We shared stage with bands as Sinister, Avulsed, Carach Angren, Necronomicon, Just before dawn, Criminal, Hacate Enthroned, Luciferian, Argona, Exterminio, Warhead, Eutanos, Lacerated and carbonized and Confronto to name a few.
A lot of professional video clips as “Burning your faith”, “Viral killing”, “Misery torment”, “Crap”, “Killing your last drop of innocence”, “Nonconformist”, ” Tic tac parasites”, “Irreverence Irreversible”, “S.E.N.A.M.E” y “Beyond the cramp”, and a documentary called “20 Años de crudeza y demencia”. Double DVD Doble 20 years dmof rawness and dementia, the history and material into two DVDs.
The band actually is promoting the last Album Murdering hope produced by Inframundo Records México this 2023, and recording the New upcoming Álbum Called “Precipicio” Under Dark Media Design records USA for march 2024. This New album will be mastered by Andy La Rocque and it is the best work at now of the band.
Line up: